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Healing for Windows is a hypertext cyberbook about receiving healing from Jesus Christ. It is the equivalent of a 1,600-page printed book, compressed into one 1.3-megabyte file called HEALING.HLP. After downloading click on HEALING.HLP to run it. Save it on your desktop for quick access.

A. A. Allen

The Price of God's Miracle Working Power
pdf file

John G. Lake
Adventures in God

Smith Wigglesworth
Ever Increasing Faith
PDF format

Faith That Prevails
PDF format
Palm Doc pdb download
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Charles Price
The Real Faith
(pdf download)
The Meaning of Faith
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Andrew Murray
Divine Healing
Palm Doc pdb download

A B Simpson
The Gospel of Healing
Palm Doc pdb download

The Lord For The Body With Questions and Answers on Divine Healing
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Other writings on faith healing

Quiet Talks About The Healing Christ by S. D. Gordon

The MINISTRY OF HEALING, Or, Miracles of Cure in All Ages. by A. J. Gordon
Palm Doc pdb download

Principles of Healing by John Edmiston

Biblical Healing by Vincent Cheung
(pdf download)

Fasting: Atomic Power With God by Franklin Hall
pdf download version

Healing From Jesus
Atmosphere For Healing